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Alexandra Prigent-Labeis, nominated a Franco-British Young Leader 2020

Alexandra Prigent-Labeis is joining the 2020 cohort of the Franco-British Young Leaders

Accellency is very pleased to announce that Alexandra Prigent-Labeis, Managing Partner of Accellency, is joining the 2020 cohort of the Franco-British Young Leaders.
This is as a clear recognition of her long time contribution to Franco-British relations as a trusted advisor to her clients, a successful entrepreneur and an influent member of the civil society.

Created in 2016 by David Cameron and Francois Hollande, the programme’s objective is to build a generation of 21st century leaders who will keep the Franco-British relations at heart and shape its future across all sectors of our societies and economies.

All Young Leaders come from distinguished careers across a diversity of sectors ranging from politicians, journalists, scientists, the military and academics to business entrepreneurs, a chef, a pianist, an art critic and an explorer.

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