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Virtual Investor Days & AGMs

A unique opportunity to increase LP engagement and set yourself apart.

When it comes to raising the profile of your investment practice and setting yourself apart from the competition, virtual investor days and virtual AGMs offer a unique opportunity to showcase your ambition and capabilities.

In the world of listed stocks, virtual AGMs have been customary for a long time but they remain very passive for attendees with no interaction save for the voting moments. For investment firms, virtual events are new and best practice is still to be defined, which makes it easier for you to impress… if you plan it right.

The stakes for investment funds are very different from those of a listed company and so should the format of the virtual AGM be.

  • Virtual Interaction as much and as soon as possible

Interaction and engagement are the most important KPIs of a fund AGM. Your AGM is a crucial moment in the year when you receive feedback from your LPs, hear about their priorities and when they see and hear from each other. This means you need to design the agenda to create engagement as soon as possible, rather than wait for the traditional Q&A at the end.

  • A virtual team but the WHOLE team

An important aspect assessed by LPs is the strength, depth and diversity of your team. In a physical AGM, of course a large part of the team is present, but they tend to get less air time than managing partners because the stage set up does not allow for swift transitions and because public speaking may be a big challenge for less senior members of the fund. The Virtual AGM makes it not only much easier, but also necessary to involve a larger part of the team:

(i)  virtual events require more diverse and moving slides and frequent changing of speakers to keep it entertaining and engaging;

(ii)  shifting from one speaker to the other, even for two minutes is easy and pleasant for the audience. You can have a deal captain share specific data points or comments and quickly go back to the main speaker;

(iii)  scripting notes in advance and watching a camera as opposed to walking on stage in front of hundreds of attendees is easier to master, and we can help your team with that.

  • A virtual AGM is a larger AGM

    Our experience is that on average the number of people logging in is about 2 to 2.5 times the usual number of attendees. This is excellent news and this gives you the opportunity to offer more content and more flexibility to your audience both in terms of workshops, keynotes and time zones!

Accellency provide advisory and full production services to deliver best-in-class virtual AGMs and events.
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