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Eight big investor relations challenges for listed companies

Which investor relations mistakes do you need to avoid and which best practices can you apply?

With stock market concentration at an all-time high, companies must work harder than ever to capture the attention of investors.

Effective and concise communication of corporate strategies is critical to market perception and equity valuation. The stakes are high for management teams and IR professionals.

We’ve published a new report today, looking at eight of the most common challenges facing listed companies:

  1. Don’t become famous for a typo
  2. Breaking the bad news
  3. Timing your results release
  4. Earnings: past, present & future
  5. The case for meeting hedge funds
  6. Sponsored research: worth paying for?
  7. Do you need a capital markets day?
  8. Why you shouldn’t complain about your share price

Download here to learn more: “Eight IR challenges for listed companies”