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Excellence in Investor Relations Education!

Accellency 2024 Investor Relations Executive MBA course at HEC Paris has been delivered with a phenomenal feedback, reaching a general average score of 4.88/5. 

Over a full day, we delved into the world of investor relations, exploring strategic techniques and best practices used by investment funds, listed and private corporates. Our journey was not just about raising funds but about mastering the art of boosting valuation through private transactions, IPOs, and in the bustling corridors of listed financial markets. 

The central question we unraveled: “How to build and deliver a convincing narrative that resonates with investors?” We addressed this through a systematic approach, focusing on how to engage investors, leveraging their asset allocation processes and investment methodologies. 

Students highlighted the course’s ”practical cases, useful debriefs, and easy-to-implement methodology” as pivotal to understanding the essence of investor relations. The insights into ”structuring a pitch, avoiding pitfalls, and key performance metrics” were especially appreciated, making every session an enlightening experience.

A special thanks to our students for recognizing the course as “extremely valuable”, opening up new perspectives on investor relations and its critical role in business strategy. Your feedback, stating the course provided “very practical and useful insights” and “valuable insights from real-life experiences”, motivates us to continue enhancing our curriculum. 

As we forge ahead, let’s celebrate this success and the continuous growth in our practice of investor relations. Here’s to many more milestones together!